The Kraken and the Maid

"The big bad"

I think we all really know what happened to Mr. Tate. The answer was right there in the first episode.

Malia found him to be weak and ate him.

best moment of the night:


For our dear Dani - happy birthday again bb ♥ A peaceful Sterek moment because that’s exactly what I wish for you: some peace and happiness and Sterek ;)

This is my part of a collab with Mako and you can read her lovely story here: Through Your Eyes.

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Derek Hale’s entire life is a shitshow but the boy is smart about his money


So stiles takes his dad to his bf’s loft. Only bf is there with his gf. Awkward. 

what author was it/what fandom?

so many of them! *sob sob* it wasn’t any one in particular tonight, just the memory of the dull ache of words that i want to love but cannot because i just don’t ~feel~ that fandom. yeah, know what i mean? I only read HP, Merlin and Teen Wolf and lately ao3 is sending my teasing emails about every other fandom, it seems.

BUT! I don’t begrudge these lovely authors ‘cause i’ve moved on and felt the guilt of leaving old fandoms behind. but but but.. i still silently sulk. ‘cause so many pretty pretty words meant for someone else’s eyes. boo.

Maybe once i finally see Winter Soldier I’ll start shipping Stucky and find happiness again. ;P

When I get an ao3 notification that my fav author has posted new fic


When it’s for a fandom I am not in




that first one:

i just started season 3 of teen wolf, can you tell me in which epsiode Stiles realize that he is gay?


season 1 episode 1