The Kraken and the Maid






Steve Rogers did, in fact, realize that something was off when he saw the outline of the woman’s odd bra (a push-up bra, he would later learn), but being an officer and a gentleman, he said that it was the game that gave the future away.


No, see, this scene is just amazing. The costume department deserves so many kudos for this, it’s unreal, especially given the fact that they pulled off Peggy pretty much flawlessly.

1) Her hair is completely wrong for the 40’s. No professional/working woman  would have her hair loose like that. Since they’re trying to pass this off as a military hospital, Steve would know that she would at least have her hair carefully pulled back, if maybe not in the elaborate coiffures that would have been popular.

2) Her tie? Too wide, too long. That’s a man’s tie, not a woman’s. They did, however, get the knot correct as far as I can see - that looks like a Windsor.

3) That. Bra. There is so much clashing between that bra and what Steve would expect (remember, he worked with a bunch of women for a long time) that it has to be intentional. She’s wearing a foam cup, which would have been unheard of back then. It’s also an exceptionally old or ill-fitting bra - why else can you see the tops of the cups? No woman would have been caught dead with misbehaving lingerie like that back then, and the soft satin cups of 40’s lingerie made it nearly impossible anyway. Her breasts are also sitting at a much lower angle than would be acceptable in the 40’s.

Look at his eyes. He knows by the time he gets to her hair that something is very, very wrong.

so what you are saying is S.H.E.I.L.D. has a super shitty costume division….

Nope, Nick Fury totally did this on purpose.

There’s no knowing what kind of condition Steve’s in, or what kind of person he really is, after decades of nostalgia blur the reality and the long years in the ice (after a plane crash and a shitload of radiation) do their work. (Pre-crash Steve is in lots of files, I’m sure. Nick Fury does not trust files.) So Fury instructs his people to build a stage, and makes sure that the right people put up some of the wrong cues.

Maybe the real Steve’s a dick, or just an above-average jock; maybe he had a knack for hanging out with real talent. Maybe he hit his head too hard on the landing and he’s not gonna be Captain anymore. On the flipside, if he really is smart, then putting him in a standard, modern hospital room and telling him the truth is going to have him clamming up and refusing to believe a goddamn thing he hears for a really long time.

The real question here is, how long it does it take for the man, the myth, the legend to notice? What does he do about it? How long does he wait to get his bearings, confirm his suspicions, and gather information before attempting busting out?

Turns out the answer’s about forty-five seconds.

Sometimes clever posts die a quiet death in the abyss of the unreblogged. Some clever posts get attention, get comments, get better. Then there’s this one which I’ve watched evolve into a thing of brilliance.



charles and camilla sharing clothes (◠‿◠)

charles’s shirts hanging over camilla’s delicate hands so she has to roll the sleeves up (◡‿◡)

camilla’s cardigans fitting just right around charles’s delicate hips (◕‿◕)

charles and camilla not being able to tell…


There’s something kinda magical about the fact that i have an email in my inbox with the subject line I AM WRITING. It contains 80+ threads where two friends exchange small snippets of the filthiest porn with each other. Peppered within are words of encouragement, constructive criticisms and pleas to just keep going. Moooooooore.

The words exchanged will eventually become two unrelated pieces. They don’t contain the same characters or pairings. We aren’t even in the fandom that the other is writing about. Yet we devour each others words in the messy, unpolished scraps that we are sent. And glow with happiness that they were sent our way.

That’s the kind of intense, almost incomprehensible friendship fandom can give you. It’s a side of fandom no one outside of fandom will ever understand. And it’s magical.

So what if Stiles goes to hide in his room after dinner because his dad invited that hot new deputy over to watch the game. Only when he starts his favorite porn vid he forgets he’s got ChromeCast on. And it starts playing on the TV downstairs for what he hopes was only seconds.

Meanwhile Both sheriff and Officer Hale try to pretend they didn’t think the black hair and stubble on the top looked remotely familiar. It’s best for everyone involved.

I’m pretty sure I mentally blocked my rage about this after reading. But seeing it here, I’m super pissed all over again. So… like Dashner is so fucking clever that he takes the time to give all the boys these clever nicknames: Newt, Thomas, Alby, Gally, Chuck because they are in the maze to have their brains do clever amazing science shit to save the human race and like… oh, well. We’ve only got one girl so lets makes her … Mother Theresa.

Like how about name her after: Marie Curie, or Rosalind Franklin, or Rita Levi-Montalcini, or Jane Goodall, or Rosemary Grant, or a hundred others. Like… How painful is this that he couldn’t even google the name of woman of science to give to his only female Glader of the first book. 


IDEK you guys is there a single more satisfying moment in film history than that time Steve Rogers took the pin out of that flagpole?


But really, who was the first person to take two characters from a fandom and be like

"Yeah, right, but get this; what if one of them is a barista,”

I’d really like to know this. Did someone in 1966 say: what if Spock were human? And running the grooviest coffeehouse in NYC, The Enterprise? Sometimes Spoke would set aside his apron, sit with his guitar in a corner and play folks songs. And what if Kirk was a political activist networking in the smokey shadows, sipping Spock’s special blend, hoping he’d sing again tonight.

Was this how it all began?

So based on Paige, Derek’s attracted to…




Brown eyes






People outside the popular crowd



Clever people



Who challenge him, sass him, and don’t take his crap.



Oh, and Derek’s preferred methods of flirting?




Getting in their faces to show off how cool/tough he is



And staring longingly after them when they’re not impressed.



I’m so happy we got confirmation for this 





me: What are you thinking of being for Halloween this year, sweetie?
son: Captain America.
me: nice.
son: pre-serum.
me: I have raised you well.